Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Newsletter

Our first February meeting is tomorrow night at 6pm.  I do hope you will join us!  We will be hearing from Melissa Bibb who is a librarian.  

At tomorrow's meeting we will also be getting this month's newsletter!  There are so many new things to share about our upcoming schedule I couldn't wait to post it online.  Did you know that you can view all of this year's past newsletters from our blog?  You can!  And today you can even preview the newsletter that we will be getting tomorrow!

In it I mention a few online articles that I just thought everyone of our moms would benefit in reading.  They are Five Ways to Love Your Children Well and 10 Ways to Love Your Kids.  Take a moment and read both of these carefully.   I might even be printing out that second list to stick in my Bible as a handy reminder.